Articles by Larry Lunsford

We in the Rocky Mountain Koi Club are fortunate to have Larry & Laura Lunsford as members.
Larry is the consumate expert when it comes to maintaining great water quality in your koi pond.
Larry has been generous in giving us all access to his very informative articles concerning koi pond maintenance.

Introduction To Koi Ponds Frequently Asked Questions Jump Start Your Filter
Take Stock of Your Pond Winterize Your Pond Water Movement
Water Quality How High is Your Pond? Potassium
Using Salt Baking Soda Clorine
Koi Weight Quarantining Koi Transporting Koi

Articles collected from the AKCA

Selecting Young Kohaku Making a Good Choice Koi Selecting & Judging
Selecting Young Utsuri Selecting a Young Sanke Selecting a Young Showa
Taishio Sanshoku More from AKCA

Koi Health Advisor

The Koi Health Adviser program is a hobbyist to hobbyist support group. It puts more experienced Koi keepers in touch with those learning about the hobby.

The KHA program is not intended to replace the professional veterinarian, but to put a "fellow Koi keeper" out there to help. Is the problem water quality issues or is there a serious health problem? If the pond needs the attention of a Veterinary Professional then the KHA can help the owner get in touch with those vets that deal with ponds or give the open minded local vet a vet contact who does deal with ponds for professional information.

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