Koi Show

The RMKC board is sorry to report that we have voted to cancel our annual August Koi show this year due to lack of participation of koi exhibitors. We felt it would not be a quality show with less than 30 fish being shown. It would also not be fair to our vendors who expect a large number of people to pass through the show.

We hope by next year there will be more interest in showing your favorite koi in our show.

2012 Koi Show Winners

Grand Champion A, Gary and Kathy Hicken

Grand Champion B, Gary and Kathy Hicken

Reserve Champion A, Gary and Kathy Hicken

Reserve Champion B, Ron and Sheryl Calvert

Mature Champion, Gary and Kathy Hicken

Young Champion, Bryan McCleney

Baby Champion, Scott and Jan Thompson

Longfin Grand Champion, Bryan McCleney

Longfin Reserve Champion, Doreen Painz

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