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Club Member Experience and Knowledge

Our club members have many years of experience in pond construction, maintenance, and koi health. The membership dues are money well spent for access to this local knowledge base. Chances are good that one of our members can answer your questions or help with an issue you are having. Ask before you build to know what works best and what to avoid. Our members are also experts on maintaining healthy and beautiful koi.

Club Newsletter

Membership entitles you to receive "Koi Times", our club newsletter. The newsletter is published ten times each year and is one of the best in the newsletters in the koi hobby.

Club Activities

Club members are encouraged to participate in our annual auction, the pond tour and the annual koi show and vendor fair.

AKCA Membership

Club membership also includes membership in the Associated Koi Clubs of America, the national association for koi keeping.

Monthly Meetings

Attend monthly meetings for fun and friendship as well as to learn more about the hobby. Meetings are normally held on the third Saturday of each month and include dinner and a presentation on a topic related to our hobby.

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