Pond Tour

This year, we are again coordinating our tour with the Colorado Water Garden Society. The tour will feature ponds from the Colorado Water Garden Society and Rocky Mountain Koi Club in Southwest Littleton, Lakewood and Denver. The tour will picnic, which begins at 4:00 pm at Hudson Gardens.

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Our annual tour is self-guided. The ponds can be visited in any order however we have tried to arrange the tour maps in a convenient way so you can follow them in order no matter where you start. The tour is from 10am until 3:30pm. Please respect these time limits and only visit homes between these hours.

The pond owners deserve our deepest thanks for making their properties available to us. Please respect their property and their privacy. We ask that you do not request the use of their bathroom facilities. Please watch your step at the homes. Many times flowers and other garden items can be trampled if we are not careful. Make sure children are supervised at all times. This is important for their safety as well as to make sure that the pond and gardens are not damaged.

Ask as many questions about their ponds, filtration, plants, fish, etc. as you’d like. This can be a great learning opportunity as well as inspiration for new ideas for your ponds.

Have fun!

Please meet us at the Pond Tour Picnic Saturday evening. The picnic starts at 4:00pm (at the end of the tour). There is a charge of $4.00 for the picnic. We will provide hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, bratwursts, side dishes, drinks, and dessert. Children under 12 are free. Your picnic ticket also buys you a ticket for door prizes, which will include a range of plants and maybe a few other items. Hope to see you there.

Colorado Water Garden Society Tour

Saturday, July 20th 2013
10:00 am to 3:30 pm

A picnic will be held starting at 4:00 pm at Hudson Gardens. All RMKC and CWGS members are welcome.

Click here for a map of this year's tour.

Click here descriptions of the ponds on this year's tour.

Click here for directions to each pond on the tour.

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